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Historians refer to the first four hundred years of Europe’s Medieval period as the Dark Agesand for good reason. To be frank, the last half of the Middle Ages wasn’t much better for the average person. For most, life was short and harsh. Unsanitary conditions and habits led to the spread of some horrific diseases. Due to the general ignorance and superstitious nature of the population, people resorted to ineffective treatments that sometimes made symptoms worse. From the unexplained madness of two kings to the miraculously cured boils plaguing Parisian peasants, below are six of the strangest Medieval diseases.

Scrofula Black masses cover the neck of this boy suffering from scrofula.

6. The King’s Evil (Existed throughout the Middle Ages)

The Problem:  The king’s evil caused painless black masses to spread across the neck. As the disease progressed, these masses ruptured, resulting in large open sores.  Perhaps even stranger than…

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